Drawn by Hand
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My family and I went on a trip to Wisconsin for my nephew’s third birthday. This is a picture of the truck that I drew him for his third birthday. I drew him this because he loves trucks.


I always used to say that I could not draw people; only different odds and ends. One day I just decided to sit down and try my hardest to draw a person. I chose my nephew because he is young and you do not have to draw very many features, if you know what I mean. It actually turned out better then I had hoped, so I guess I proved myself wrong.


One of the things I enjoy is drawing specific pictures for people. I will sometimes ask my friends what kind of car they would like me to draw for them. They will tell me just to draw them, whatever. The one shown here is a 2007 Jaguar Concept. I drew it for one of my friends. It is one of my favorite cars but the 300Chrysler is still my favorite. I really like drawing cars because they are a big challenge

These are the cars that I drew for one of my good freinds. The one to the left is a Mallett Pitbull Edition V8 Pontiac Solstice and the one to the right is a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP. These are only two of the many cars that I really like.